Proof of how good the gas boom is for construction
Tom Jackson | May 25, 2012


Bryan Force (left) and his brother Chris built a $20 million company in 10 years by providing construction services to gas well drilling companies.

News is coming hot and heavy in the mainstream media about the benefits of natural gas as a fuel replacment for diesel. With the mutiple discoveries of shale gas in Texas, Pennsylvania and North Dakota, the price is coming down and the oil companies are jumping on the bandwagon. We won’t repeat what’s being said elsewhere, but it’s worth reminding everybody of how important this boom is to the people with heavy equipment capablities.


Our Contractor of the Year for 2011, Bryan Force, was a high school graduate with one truck and lot of pluck who started hauling water for the drillers  in the Marcellus shale of western Pennsylvania. Ten years later he had grown his business to $20 million in revenue–all based on construction and paving services to the drilling industry. Read his story here. It’s proof that there is still opportunity in America if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and go after it.

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