Is process killing your productivity?



Haste makes wasteHaste makes waste


You have to have protocols, processes and procedures to make construction work. But when it the last time you studied these to see if they might be counterproductive or redundant, costing you time and money? According to this story, paperwork and process in most businesses has increased anywhere from 50 to 350 percent in recent years.

When you go on as many factory tours as we do as editors you quickly learn that success in manufacturing depends of examining every single step of every process and every tool in that process and then analyzing that step or that tool and reducing it to only that which is necessary. Topcon, for example, has doubled the output of their assembly plant in Livermore, California without adding a single square foot of space. They just figured out how to use the space more efficiently.

This is all part of the “Deming” method, which was born in America, forgotten in America and embraced by the Japanese and forgotten in America until we realized that the Japanese were kicking our tails in high quality manufacturing. But the real genius in creating efficient construction work is a guy by the name of Frank Bunker Gilbreth. Read his story, think like he did. You’ll be glad you did.