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Brooke Wisdom | January 1, 2010

Ditch Witch PR100 pipebursting unit

Tom Jackson


ditch-witchName your pipe – clay, PVC, steel, cast iron or ductile iron – used in water, sewer or utility installations. If it’s 16 inches or less in diameter, the new Ditch Witch PR100 pipebursting unit can cut or fracture it with up to 100 tons of pullback force.

The PR100 is designed with heavy duty components for long life and minimal maintenance, including high quality SAE and O-ring face seal fittings (an O-ring in a precision machined groove that forms a tight seal against a flat surface). Reinforced steel shrouds protect its hydraulic cylinders. A rugged steel job box comes standard with the unit and holds all the tools needed for operation.


Flat face O-ring seals keep dirt out of the hydraulics in a dirty environment.

The PR100 runs off a fully enclosed 60-horsepower, four-cylinder diesel Cummins engine that generates just 83 dBA of noise. The power pack includes remote drains and an auxiliary pump for running hydraulic power tools.

The 30-gallon hydraulic system features a gear pump with 7.2 gpm/2,500 psi and two load sensing pumps which output 43.6 gpm/3,700 psi and 20 gpm/2,200 psi. The load sensing hydraulics enable the bursting unit to automatically downshift when a load is introduced and conversely speed up during makeup and breakout for better productivity.


The top mounted pipe rack keeps pit size and the machine’s footprint to a minimum.

To reduce the pit size and the time and effort that go into digging the pit, the PR100’s rod box is located on its top. An optional assisted rod device cuts make up time and allows for a flexible setup on different types of jobsites.

The pull box dimensions measure 74 inches long, 29 inches wide and 45 inches tall with a dry weight of 6,800 pounds. The power pack is 80 by 38.5 by 62.5 inches and weighs 2,600 pounds.

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