New Pirtek opens in California
| February 22, 2012


Owner Paul Martin, along with his wife and son, will operate the new Pirtek franchise in Long Beach, California.

A new Pirtek franchise is scheduled to open in Long Beach, California, on February 20. The store, operated by owner Paul Martin and his family, will specialize in manufacturing replacement hydraulic hose assemblies at customer jobsites and will cater to walk-in customers.


Pirtek’s services will include three mobile service vans stocked with the tools needed to manufacture hose assemblies at jobsites, such as braided and spiral hose styles and standard and metric hose fittings and adapters as well as a high-capacity crimp machine with the capability to produce crimp hose assemblies from .25-inch to 1.25-inch diameters.

“We’ve already done some sales calls, and people are very interested in a nearby source for replacement hose assemblies,” Martin said.  “We’re in a great location on the corner of North Walnut Avenue and East 33rd Street in Signal Hill, which is a primarily industrial area, and we’re coming in at a great time.”

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