MnDOT creates interactive map to link contractors with small businesses and diverse workers
Joy Powell | January 8, 2018

Minnesota is using a newly created digital mapping tool to enable contractors to identify diverse subcontractors and workers for roads, bridges and other DOT projects, such as this bridge project completed on Hwy. 53 in Virginia, MN. Photo courtesy of Insight Environmental.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is inviting contractors to use a newly created digital mapping system to find approved subcontractors and to hire veterans, women and minorities.

“We developed the Mapping Minnesota tool to provide a quick and easy way to link contractors and small businesses to current and future projects,” said Kim Collins, MnDOT’s Office of Civil Rights director.

MnMap is a collaborative GIS site that helps contractors find certified small businesses statewide. It enables contractors to learn about state and federal project goals that promote diversity.

By using the interactive tool, contractors can access information connected to work force centers, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, Targeted Group businesses, and women- and veteran-owned businesses that are available to work on their projects, the agency says.

For example, 655 Minnesota businesses are identified as disadvantaged on the website. Searches can be streamlined to find firms for building roads and bridges, among many other types of businesses.

Contractors are encouraged to visit this web page and select “Certified Small Businesses” to identify potential sub-contractors and employees who are pre-certified and available in specific geographical areas.

Certified small businesses also are encouraged to visit the map to ensure they are included and to explore partnering opportunities with other listed certified small businesses, MnDOT says.

The maps are updated monthly to reflect recent certifications. Contractors are advised, however, to also reference the certified small business directory to verify information.

The video above, Mapping Minnesota, describes how to access certified small businesses on the maps. It also provides endorsements from small business owners and community leaders regarding the value of promoting diversity in transportation projects from design through construction.

For additional information, visit:

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