Petro-Canada announces new Duron Lube oils for emissions-compliant engines


Starting December 1, most major oil companies will be switching to a new and more robust heavy duty diesel lube oil formula, designated as CK-4 or FA-4 oils by the American Petroleum Institute.

Petro-Canada lubricants will introduce their version, Duron next generation, on that date in four performance tiers: Duron HP (high performance), Duron SHP (super high performance), Duron UHP (ultra high performance) and Duron Advanced (the APA FA-4 formula).

The new oil formulations were designed to meet the needs of new, emissions compliant diesel engines and offer improved oxidation protection, better aeration control and improved shear stability.

The CK-4 oils are designed for use in both on and off road engines and equipment and are fully compatible with older engines and machinery that used the previous generation of oils, the CJ-4 products. The FA-4 oils are formulated to provide the same protection but at lower viscosity levels for newer models of on-highway trucks. The lower viscosities will help improve fuel economy.