Used Articulated Hauler Checklist

By Marcia Gruver



Serial number:


Previous owner/application:

Does it need to cleaned and/or painted?


Make/model Serial number How does it start? Hours since overhaul Oil leaks? Oil pressure? Condition of engine oil Overfull on dipstick? Engine power Any unusual noises or misses? Radiator condition Charge air cooler condition Antifreeze condition Blow-by check Fuel system Oil analysis results


Leaks? Condition of transmission oil Fluid level Filter condition Condition of hoses and lines Any slippage during operation? Operates easily in all speeds, forward and reverse? High/low dropbox Differential locks, test in all ranges:

• 4-wheel drive, diff locks disengaged

• 4-wheel drive w. transverse diff lock on front axle

• 6-wheel drive and longitudinal diff lock

• 6-wheel drive, longitudinal diff lock and diff lock on front axle.

• 6-wheel drive, all diff locks engaged

Drive line/U joints Torque converter


Operational checks:

• Do the breaks hold the truck when you test them by pressing the brake pedal down and trying to drive through the brakes in 3rd and 4th gear?

• Move forward and stop the unit three or four times to check how fast the brake system pressure drops and if it recovers.

• Check emergency brake by applying the brake and trying to drive through 4th gear

Leaks in the master cylinder? Wear on brake shoes or pads Parking brake

Retarder function properly?



Worn hoses?



Unusual noises from the hydraulic pump or air in the system?

Condition of cylinders

• Hoist

• Steering

Body lift and return cycle time

Final drives/planetaries


Unusual noises?

Articulation hitch

Any cracks or welds?

Pin and bushing wear


Any rust?

Pivot point nut tight?

Operational checks:

• Drop the body from the raised position and check for movement

• Move the steering cylinders and check for pin and bushing wear

Suspension system

Front suspension, condition of:

• Shock absorbers

• Rubber springs

• Spherical bushings

Rear suspension, condition of:

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• Rubber elements

• Bogie beams

• Tie rods


General condition

Gauges and controls:

• Heater

• AC

• Wipers

• Lights

• Electronic monitoring system

• Back-up alarm

• Horn




Seat upholstery

Seat fully adjustable?


Cracks or welds?

Steps and grab bars

Hood/front panels

Any damage or dents in the body?

Body wear

Belly pan condition

Condition of guards

Fuel tank condition

Liner condition (if applicable)

Tailgate condition (if applicable)


Condition of wheels, hubs and rims

Any retreads?

Chart Untitled 11


Comments of previous owner or seller

Detail any recent repairs and rebuilds and who did them

Condition of maintenance records – available electronically?

Note any repairs and estimated costs