EDGE 40” Cold Planers for Smooth, Precise Milling

Cold Planer40 CopyCEAttachments, Inc., a global supplier of attachments for compact equipment, features it’s most advanced Cold Planer for efficiently milling concrete or asphalt. It’s heavy-duty, rugged design makes this powerhouse attachment an invaluable tool for road construction and maintenance.

The EDGE 40” Cold Planer features a high torque planetary gearbox for high-flow skid-steer loaders. Road maintenance crews can achieve a smooth, precise cut quickly, and restore asphalt and concrete surfaces to the correct level with the EDGE Cold Planer.

The features of the 40” EDGE Cold Planer make it the right attachment for many road maintenance jobs. It features an electric control box mounted in the cab to operate the hydraulic side-shift 3” to the left or 22” to the right, the +8o tilt, up to 5” milling depth and optional dust control water kit. Two depth gauges are prominently positioned on either side of the drum housing for easy visibility. The high torque required by cold planers is generated by a tough planetary gearbox, and maintenance is a breeze with an easy-open access door for maintenance of the 89 picks on the drum. The right side wheel assembly is removable, allowing the operator to get close to edges or buildings. There are optional pic sets for concrete available, and an optional 25-gallon dust control water kit available that mounts to the top of the cab while the pump sprays from ports located on the top of the drum housing.

More EDGE Cold Planers are also available in standard flow and high flow models typically used in milling around gutters and manholes, repairing frost heaves, and pavement re-striping. Standard flow planers feature manual tilt/depth control and are available in 12” and 16” sizes. High flow models feature electro-hydraulic tilt/depth control and are single-circuit with 3 hydraulic lines. High flow models are available in 16”, 18”, 24”, 30”, 36” and the 40” sizes.

See the 40” EDGE Cold Planer, along with thousands of other attachments and accessories at www.ceattachments.com.

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