Product Focus

Demolition attachments

By Lauren Heartsill

Power Handler Untitled 1POWER HANDLER

Maximize excavator efficiency with Amulet’s G2 PowerClamp progressive-link hydraulic thumb, which can support beams or remove unwieldy materials, debris and rip-rap.

• Designed for excavators from 30,000 to 100,000 pounds

• Made for use with a quick coupler

• Reaches an average of 180 degrees of thumb rotation.


Durable Recycler Untitled 1DURABLE RECYCLER

PSM’s demolition bucket sorts recyclable materials in severe conditions, offering minimum trash removal costs and dump fees.

• Replaceable cast wear components protect T-1 structure bucket

• Constructed with high tensile, low-carbon steel

• One piece replaceable outer wear plate with abrasive resistant wear

strips forms triple bottom protection.


Stronger But Lighter Untitled 1STRONGER BUT LIGHTER

Genesis Attachments expanded its Demolition Recycler Series to use a more powerful, lighter-weight tool on a standard or high-reach machine.

• Has a crushing force of 85 to 148 tons

• Uses a regeneration valve and a large-bore cylinder

• Available in shearing, concrete cracking or concrete pulverizing configurations.


Street Tough Untitled 1STREET TOUGH

The Hy-Ram HR Series from Allied Construction Products uses its tougher temperament to demolish concrete structures, trench rock, building foundations, pavement and bridge decks.

• Oil and gas operation increases efficiency

• Longer piston stroke provides higher impact power

• Auto-stop system prevents blank firing.


Double Crusher Untitled 1DOUBLE CRUSHER

Okada America’s Cut Series doubles as a primary concrete crusher, capable of demolition and structural steel processing at the same time.

• Offered in four sizes for carriers from 6.5 to 50 tons

• Hydraulic speed valve offers faster speeds and increased productivity

• 360-degree hydraulic rotation gives easy access to demolition work.


Added Protectionntitled 1ADDED PROTECTION

Atlas Copco’s HB heavy hydraulic breaker line offers features to protect against costly mistakes, such as improper set up.

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• Power Adapt system shuts down the hydraulic breaker when oil pressure exceeds the max

• Improved box system for better stability and resistance

• Dual retaining bar gives better protection against wear and tear.


No Extras Needed Untitled 1NO EXTRAS NEEDED

The Lemac Concrete Crusher requires no extra hydraulics to crush concrete or to remove and cut rebar.

• Includes replaceable teeth and rebar cutters for easy and affordable maintenance

• Attaches in the same place as previously mounted bucket

• Main pivot features heat-treated pin, bearings, seals and o-rings.


Mid Size But Mighty Untitled 1MIDSIZE BUT MIGHTY

The Bobcat HB880 hydraulic breaker offers a powerful performance in a midsize package.

• Provides 1,310 blows per minute at a hydraulic rate of 17.2 gallons per minute

• Automatic pressure regulator ensures maximum performance

• Matches hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker.


Onsite Recycler Untitled 1ONSITE RECYCLER

The EZ Grout Hog Crusher recycles materials such as brick, stone, asphalt and stone on the jobsite.

• Easily attaches to any skid steer loader or forklift

• Replaceable carbide bullets, hardened breaker/cleaner and check plates

• Recycles up to 10 tons per hour.


Interchangeable Sharing Untitled 1INTERCHANGABLE SHARING

The Kenco Demolition Grapple, which interchanges with buckets and other attachments, can be shared by all excavator brands.

• Available for 20,000- to 140,000-pound machines

• Replaceable front and rear tine pads

• Manufactured from abrasive resistant alloy steels.



FAE’s STC/SSL rock crusher attachment is designed for high-flow hydraulic skid steers.

• Crush and grind up to 6-inch diameter rock, stone and asphalt

• Double carbide teeth provide longer wear

• Attachment has a working width of 63 inches.


Cost Saver Untitled 1COST SAVER

Rotobec’s Power Attachments offer versatility in various material-handling applications, such as demolition.

• Positioned or dangle rotations minimize the excavator’s movement

• Rotations reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs

• Attachments use multiple jaw configurations.


Quiet Poower Untitled 1QUIET POWER

Surestrike hammers efficiently demolish heavy concrete.

• Concrete is quietly broken with up to 75,000 foot pounds of single blow impact energy

• Will mount to any excavator or loader

• Have high production rates.


Good Vibrations Untitled 1GOOD VIBRATIONS

Construction Attachments’ CAL16000 hammer’s fully cushioned vibration damping system on the upper/lower power cell reduces friction on wear pads and protects from vibration damage.

• Fully cushioned vibration damping system on upper/lower power reduces pad friction

• Internal control valve system provides 10 to 15 percent more efficiency than other breaker valves, says the company

• Redesigned case ensures snug main body fit.


Ready To Use Untitled 1READY-TO-USE

The JCB Hammermasters are supplied ready-to-use, with hoses, moil and chisel, and many can be fitted to other manufacturer’s machines as well.

• Features an auto-stop function to ensure idle blows do not damage the breaker

• Housing incorporates a heavy-duty claw

• Autogrease system is fitted to the breaker housing.


Efficient Crusher Untitled 1EFFICIENT CRUSHER

Perform crushing applications in tight spaces or hilly areas with MB’s excavator-mounted crusher buckets.

• Buckets are efficient to transport and install

• Recycles onsite materials, reducing disposal trips

• Produces fill material for a range of jobs.