Product Focus: Tracks and tires

Enhance cornering and grip with mixed service tire
Goodyear’s Unisteel G287 MSA mixed service tire has an improved belt package, wide footprint and flat tread radius that provides up to 20-percent improvement in cornering and grip, compared to previous models. High-mileage tread compounds and a computer-generated tread design lengthens tire life and provides traction for handling heavy loads. The G287 MSA is available with Goodyear’s DuraSeal technology, which lowers repair, downtime and tire replacement costs.

Long-lasting flatproof tires offer improved comfort
Flatproof your tires with Solideal’s line of skid steer tires – featuring the Gripper, an entry-level product that provides cut resistance at a competitive price, and the SolidAir, for applications where punctures are recurring problems. Solideal’s ride control has been improved by 40 percent compared to a solid tire, according to the company.

Ride on any terrain with semi-pneumatic tire
Eliminate downtime caused by unexpected punctures with McLaren Industries’ Nu-Air AT semi-pneumatic tire, available for skid-steers and backhoes. The Nu-Air AT has strategically placed holes throughout the sidewalls which create cushioning while maintaining resistance to tire cuts in severe operating conditions. The tire features a tread pattern design that reduces ground pressure, extending tire life.

Reduce vibration with non-metal tracks
Increase traction and lower weight with DRB America’s non-metal core tracks, which do not have the metal imbeds that conventional rubber tracks have. Available for any machine on the market, DRB rubber track reduces ride vibration and decreases machine wear, lowering equipment maintenance costs and downtime.

Earthmover tire designed for variety of applications
Experience fewer flats and less downtime with Michelin’s XHA radial earthmover tires, which feature well-protected sidewalls that are resistant to impacts and cuts. Designed for use on loaders, graders, dozers, scrapers and in truck loading, the XHA’s tread pattern is adaptable to a variety of applications. The tire’s wide-lug tread design provides long-lasting adherence and lateral traction, and wears evenly for long life.

Track system installs on skid steers in an hour
Transform your skid-steer loader into a track loader with Loegering’s Versatile Track System, a complete rubber track undercarriage that bolts to a skid steer’s standard hubs in less than an hour. Forward placement of the front idler wheel gains stability when digging, backing out of trenches or hauling and dumping heavy loads. Bi-directional suspension adjusts independently from one side of the machine to the other – automatically improving machine stability on uneven terrain.

Over-the-tire bar track has improved components
Achieve longer pad life with Grouser’s F Series Over-the-Tire Bar Tracks for skid steers, which now feature 2-inch-wide bars, 1 /-inch hardened field-replaceable bushings and 80-psi links. Open side plates and cross bar design allows cleanout in the pivot and tire areas, and a new sidewall design accepts heavy-duty tires.

Block tread offers improved traction on soft surfaces
Bridgestone Firestone North American Tire’s new on/off-highway drive radial, the L320, features a block design tread that digs into soft surfaces such as mud and snow for improved traction. Stabilizing tire bars link adjoining tread blocks to prevent irregular wear – as the tire becomes shallower with wear, the tie bars become part of the tread pattern to create additional edges. The L320 has a 32/32-inch tread depth, four steel belts for enhanced retreadability and handles highway speeds up to 65 mph.

Protect tires from punctures with self-sealing liner
Protect skid steer and telehandler tires from punctures with Arnco’s QuikGel self-sealing polyurethane liner. QuickGel works on 5/16-inch diameter punctures and offers coverage to the middle of the sidewall, with extra shoulder coverage for lateral punctures. The centrifugally cast balanced gel membrane ensures a smooth ride, and is retreadable.

Tire features heavy-duty rim guard to prevent wheel damage
Titan’s Ultimate tire has a conventional skid steer design tread pattern with 44/32-inch extra deep lugs for traction and long wear, especially for foam fill applications. The Ultimate also has premium chip and chunk resistant tread compound for severe applications like concrete work, gravel, rock and demolition, and an extra heavy rim guard to prevent wheel damage.