Plate compactors’ isolators ensure vibrations transmit to soil
Ingersoll Rand’s PAC Series of plate compactor attachments for carriers from 3,000 to 60,000 pounds transmit powerful vibrations through the baseplate into the soil for work in foundations, seawalls, slopes, trenches and other confined spaces. In addition to compacting soil and other materials through direct contact, the PAC plate compactors have the vibrating force to drive sheet pile into the ground or pound signposts into granular soils. Isolators ensure vibrations transmit to the soil, not the carrier boom. Seven models are available, including side- and top-mount units. All have an operating pressure of 2,300 pounds per square inch and a maximum back pressure of 100 pounds per square inch.

Breaker supplies power for fast chiseling, comfort grip for reduced fatigue
Hilti’s TE 500 Breaker with 1,100-watt motor delivers power for fast chiseling in applications such as correctional chiseling, surface smoothing, making/enlarging breaches, removing tiles and channeling. A rounded and rubber-padded grip provides comfort, helping to reduce fatigue and increase productivity. The separated lubrication chambers stop dust from entering the gear housing, reducing the risk of damage. An ergonomic switch for permanent chiseling and a built-in fan for motor cooling allow users to work on lengthy chiseling projects. Also comes equipped with the Hilti Theft Protection System.

Cut trenches up to 8 feet deep, 24 to 36 inches wide
The Wolfe Man 8000 wheel trencher features a LCD +1 Digital Control System designed with Sunstrand hydraulics and an independent, hydrostatically driven Caterpillar track system. Powered by either a 450-horsepower Caterpillar or Cummins Tier 3 engine, the Wolfe Man 8000 cuts trenches between 24 to 36 inches wide and up to 8 feet deep. Gear boxes have been eliminated for less downtime and maintenance. The trencher also has a center pivot wheel for turning, 1-inch thick heat-treated buckets and a climate-controlled cab.

Grapple system gives buckets full operating range
Unlike the limited range of operation available with a thumb, Daniel Manufacturing’s Exca-Beak grapple system for compact excavators and backhoes allows full operating range of your bucket. Use the bucket for several applications, including hardscape installation, demolition, ripping up concrete or feeding chippers or tub grinders. The Exca-Beak comes in several quick-attach styles and also comes in a pin-on configuration.

Alloyed weld material resists wear in severe abrasion enviroments
NanoSteel’s SHS 9700 weld material features an crystalline microstructure engineered to sub-micron size and hardness up to 69 Rockwell C for wear plate and weld overlay hardfacing. Suitable for use as an atomized powder for PTA applications or for MIG/Open-arc/Submerged-arc applications, SHS 9700 provides wear resistance in severe abrasion environments up to five times that of traditional chrome carbide and complex carbide materials. The wire comes in 25-, 125- to 500- pound spooled-wire packages for MIG/Open-arc/Submerged-arc welding and 10-pound bottle and 25-pound bucket powder packaging for PTA welding.

Vertically opening hoods allow easy access to engines
The BW213-40 Series of 13-ton single-drum vibratory rollers from Bomag perform a variety of site preparation applications, including highway construction and maintenance, airports and landfills. The BW213D-40 and the BW213DH-40 smooth drum rollers compact granular and mixed soils, while the BW213PDH-40 padfoot roller works in cohesive and semi-cohesive soils. All three units feature Tier 3 engines and vertically opening hoods for easy access to engine and hydraulic components. The BW213DH-40 and the BW213PDH-40 each come equipped with a 160-horsepower Cummins diesel engine and a 133-horsepower Deutz water-cooled diesel engine powers the BW213D-40.

Wheeled excavators experience boost in lift force
The Caterpillar D-Series wheel excavators – M313D, M315D, M316D, M318D and M322D – deliver increased lift capacity and faster cycle times through changes in engines and hydraulics compared to the C-Series machines they replace. The D-Series ranges in size from 127 net horsepower and an operating weight of about 31,000 pounds to 166 net horsepower and an operating weight of about 48,000 pounds. Improvements include ACERT Cat engines, dedicated hydraulic pumps for the excavator swing function and the addition of a heavy lift mode for a 7-percent boost in lifting capacity. Each excavator also has more drawbar pull, enhanced bucket and stick force, greater dig depth and longer reach than the C-Series machines.

Rebar tying tool reduces hand and arm fatigue
Max USA’s RB515 Rebar Tier ties large rebar from 5-by-5 up to 8-by-7. An adjustment dial allows the user to select either three or four wraps per tie. The RB515 will tie Max TW897 21-gauge wire around the tying area and cut and twist in one second. At 5.2 pounds, this compact tool lessens hand and arm fatigue, thus providing a safer alternative than tying by hand.

Utility vehicle offers durability and all-weather protection
Available in worksite and recreational models, Kubota Tractor’s heavy-duty RTV1100 utility vehicle with premium grand cab combines all-weather protection, interior climate controls and variable hydrostatic transmission for a smooth ride. A 24.8-horsepower Kubota diesel engine supplies 50.3 foot-pounds of torque for climbing hills or trudging through rough terrain. Additional standard components include power steering, a sturdy front guard, 4-wheel disc brakes, a hydraulic bed-lift system and more than 1,100 pounds of cargo load capacity in the 16-cubic-foot bed.

Mud pumping and cleaning system complements directional drills
Equipped with a Caterpillar C-15 450-horsepower diesel engine, American Auger’s MPR-6000 mixes, pumps and provides large volumes of mud down hole for use with mud motors or large reamers. An overall fluid production capacity of 300 to 500 gallons per minute allows the unit to complement directional drills on large jobsites. The MPR-6000 mounts onto tri-axle suspension and has Quintiplex Supercharged 5-by-6 pumps, with a 5-by-6 centrifugal pump for the bentonite mixer. The cleaning system has two linear motion shakers, nine 5-inch desilting cones, electric driven pumps for mixing, agitation and charging of the hydro-clones. Additional standard features include two fluid holding tanks, a wash down system with 110-gallon tank and 100-foot hose.

Concrete repair alternative offers vehicle re-load in one hour
As part of the non-Portland, non-epoxy, all-weather Pavemend repair line, Ceratech’s Pavemend SLQ rapidly hardens and provides patching for long-term repair of concrete, masonry and structural asphalt surfaces. Pavemend SLQ offers aggressive bonding and one-hour compressive strengths exceeding 3,400 psi, enabling infrastructure repairs to withstand the weight of vehicles in one hour and pedestrian traffic within 20 minutes. The water-activated, single component powder becomes a slurry mix that bonds to most construction materials, including steel, in four to six minutes. Pavemend SLQ also bonds to itself with no surface preparation, allowing indefinite layering without cold joints.