Triple knife design best of both worlds
Built for heavy-duty durability the Rockhound Attachments 40EXTreme combines the destructive force of a 2-pound knife with swinging hammer.

  • Cutter drum measures more than 1/2-inch thick
  • 1,300 pounds
  • 250 horsepower
  • 3/8-inch abrasion resistant steel shroud

Rakes with clamps hold more material
Pemberton’s loader rakes with paddle clamps or two clamps handle up to 75 percent more material than a standard loader rake without a clamp.

  • Two clamp version handles uneven loads
  • Used in recycling, land clearing and storm cleanup
  • Constructed of high strength, high tensile materials
  • Raking widths from 84 inches to 134 inches

Mulching attachment needs no additional power, hydraulics
By transferring maximum power to the cutting mechanism the Rotary Disc Mulching attachment from Advanced Forestry Equipment does away with the need for expensive and heavy power boosters.

  • Available for excavators from 7 to 20 metric tons
  • Handles thick undergrowth and trees up to 20 inches in diameter
  • Built to match power capabilities of carrier machine

Bucket with grapple pulls double duty
Used with skid steers and track loaders, the McLaren Dig & Grab digging bucket attachment with grapple can load materials, level surfaces and carry odd-sized loads such as logs, rocks and debris.

  • Comes in three sizes: 66, 72 and 78 inches wide
  • Buckets are 20 inches deep and feature a 6 inch deep leading edge
  • Big cylinder opens grapple arms to 35 inches wide
  • Tines measure 5/8 inches thick
  • Quick coupler speeds up change-outs

Cuts both ways and won’t get stuck
The BrushMonster’s bi-directional cutting ensures you’ll never get stuck. It
features a Bob-tach hook up for faster attachment installation and removal.

  • Built with /-inch A-36 steel
  • Stump jumper skid plate for blade protection
  • Two or four double-sided, 5-inch breakaway forged blades

Good traction, low ground pressure boost productivity
In the soft underfoot soils and difficult terrain of forested areas that bog down rubber tire machines, the ASV RC-100 rubber track loaders armed with a Fecon HD7460 brush mulcher keep you working.

  • Brush mulcher is 74 inches wide
  • 60-inch cutting width
  • 30 fixed position, double-tipped carbide tips
  • Processes trees up to 8 inches thick, stumps up to 12 inches in diameter

Compact stump grinder takes a big bite
The Toro stump grinder attachment for use on Dingo compact utility loaders fits into tight spaces and tackles tree stumps with a 17-inch, 12-tooth cutter wheel spinning at 2,000 rpm.

  • 36-inch above grade max cutting height
  • 16.5-inch below grade max cutting depth
  • Operators can position wheel index at 30-degree angle
  • Loaders produce 11.2 gpm/3,000 psi (tracked) or 10.8 gpm/3,250 psi (wheeled)

Skid steer stump cutter works with existing controls
The SG26H stump cutter from Worksaver can be operated from the skid steer’s existing hydraulic controls.

  • Cuts from 18 inches above ground to 10 inches below
  • Swing arc of 45 degrees
  • Maximum horizontal cut of 28 inches
  • Replaceable carbide teeth
  • Hardened bushings with grease zerks at major pivot points

Brush and tree cutting attachment leaves smooth stump finish
The skid-steer-mounted Turbo-Saw tree- and brush-cutting attachment from Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing comes in four different models.

  • High speed, carbide tipped disc cuts at a rate of 6- to 12-inches per second
  • Cuts below ground level
  • Bolt-on teeth
  • Hydraulic shutdown brake
  • Pushing guard to control direction of trees

Cutter designed for reverse platform or bi-directional tractors
For efficient, intermittent cutting and mulching of material up to 10 inches in diameter, the Loftness Carbide Cutter Extreme can cut trees or brush with the same teeth.

  • 160 horsepower maximum
  • Rotating pivot mechanism allows head to rotate
  • 120 degrees without affecting PTO angles

High-horsepower host machine takes on the big stumps
The Fecon SH140 stump grinder mounted on the Fecon FTX140 track carrier machine chews up stumps with a 140- to 170-horsepower engine.

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  • 34-inch-diameter cutting wheel
  • 90 cutting tools
  • Work zone measures 80 inches wide, 24 inches deep

Upgraded shears survive and thrive in tough conditions
Recently upgraded, the Stanley LaBounty MWS wood shears feature stronger, more durable components with a heavy-duty pivot group and an upgraded mounting pad and arm.

  • MWS 40 for excavators in the 18 to 27 metric ton class
  • MWS 80 for excavators in the 32 to 45 metric ton class
  • Weld-in replaceable blade made from abrasion resistant, high-strength steel
  • Installs and operates using existing bucket cylinder and linkage without need for additional hydraulic circuits

Mulcher mounts on almost any carrier
The independent drive system on the Seppi Forst m Independence mulcher allows the machine to be mounted on otherwise unsuitable carriers (for example those with torque converter drives).

  • 170-horsepower Deutz engine
  • High overlap fixed knife rotor
  • Up to 12-inch diameter capacity

Grinding head clears the way in a single pass
Reducing stumps to ground level and cutting brush and standing trees, the ProGrind Series 50 can reach where conventional mowers cannot, clearing right-of-ways, ditch lines, creek banks and more in a single pass.

  • 50-by-26-inch smooth drum head
  • 350-horsepower Caterpillar power pack
  • Fixed carbide teeth
  • Leaves behind mulch for soil stabilization

Moving big trees made easy
The Bradco tree spades come in three models: a 15-degree truncated series, 25-degree modified truncated series and 30-degree cone model.

  • Standard electric control joystick
  • Overlapping blades cleanly cut roots
  • Adjustable blade legs slide to control ball depth
  • Wide gate opening surrounds tree easily

Forestry mower makes quick work of tough jobs
The Bandit Model 4000 with forestry mower head attachment turns dense brush growth and logging site treetop slashing into fine mulch.

  • Belt drive motor reduces maintenance
  • Fixed position teeth provide 300- to 500-hour tool life
  • Rotor design promotes cutting efficiency

Stump grinder goes deep
The Woods Alitec SG40B skid steer mounted stump grinder cuts down to a depth of 16 inches, putting stumps out of the way for good.

  • 90-degree hydraulic swing control
  • 14-inch hydraulic extension
  • Universal quick attach bracket

Smooth cutting design boosts efficiency
Fast and smooth cutting, the patented wheel and tooth design on the Sneller Stump Mills will grind up to six acres a day.

  • Triple sealed lower bearing increases life
  • Attaches to Sneller Multi-Task carrier or existing excavator with no modifications
  • Available in 140 or 275 horsepower

Double carbide tipped teeth offer better cutting surface
Compatible with high-flow hydraulic systems with at least 35 gpm, the UML/SSL skid steer mulcher from FAE USA can mulch standing material up to 8 inches in diameter.

  • Patented one-bolt design
  • Working widths of 48 inches and 57 inches
  • Double carbide tip produces finer end product and reduces maintenance

Cuts as well, but with less horsepower
Tapped into a 15- to 35-horsepower tractor PTO or skid steer hydraulics, the SC-25 StumpBuster from Shaver delivers the same cutting ability as previous models, but with lower horsepower requirements.

  • Cutting wheel spins at 980 rpm
  • Two cylinders raise, lower and move cutting wheel
  • Grinds stumps to 10 inches below surface
  • Hydraulic and 3-point hitch controls adjust for tall or short stumps

When rock removal gets tough, rake digs in tougher
When faced with severe rock sifting, root raking or imbedded rock removal jobs, the Straight Rake from Leading Edge Attachments has no lower cross members to get hung up in the material.

  • Tines constructed from thick Hardox 400 steel
  • Can be purchased with or without replaceable teeth
  • Attaches to backhoes or excavators above 11,000 pounds in weight

Side cut saw works in confined spaces
Designed for clearing tracts with large trees or areas where removing trees is difficult, the Prentice SS-56 side cut saw handles trees up to 22 inches in diameter.

  • For trees over 22 inches in diameter, side cut feature enables double cutting and direction felling
  • Operator does not have to move to opposite side of tree to make second cut

Shredder works with excavator or purpose-built carrier
Self-powered Sneller Brush Shredders have rotating drums and stationary teeth for clearing heavy brush and trees.

  • Attaches to the Sneller Multi-Task carrier or your existing excavator
  • Available in 275- or 130-horsepower versions

Grabs on and doesn’t let go
The length and curve of Blue Diamond’s Extreme Stump Bucket and its four pin-on teeth grab and hold stumps firmly.

  • Bucket fabricated from 1/2-inch steel
  • 56 inches long
  • Capable of holding up to the forces generated by the biggest skid steers
  • Bucket also designed for trenching

Debris shears split and cut
With its dual-fingered moveable bucket and replaceable weld-on splitting tips, the Morbark Talon Debris shear can split and shear debris both in and out of the ground.

  • Designed for carriers from 55,000 to 80,000 pounds in weight
  • 3,500 psi recommended operating pressure for shear
  • 40 to 50 gpm recommended hydraulic flow of carrier

Rotary discs mulch heavy brush and trees
Designed for excavators in the 15- to 37-metric-ton class, ProMac Manufacturing’s Model 36 CMP II and 52 CMP II extreme service rotary disc cutters assist in the mulching of heavy brush and trees.

  • Discs are available with two disc and three cutter bit designs
  • Effective in forestry, power line transmission, right-of-way applications, seismic line work and land development

Stump splitter digs, holds and splits
The Solid Strut Stump Splitter from M.C. Faulkner and Sons removes and cuts through tree stumps, logs, ties and other wood waste using the carrier machine’s curl cylinder to generate its splitting power.

  • Available for machines from 10,000 to 100,000 pounds in weight
  • Digs in the dirt for the wood, then holds stumps and logs while shearing them with knife edge
  • Replaceable teeth
  • Manufactured from Hardox 400 and 500 abrasion resistant steel