Product Focus: Walk-behind compactors

Smart control system on Wacker trench rollers
Wacker’s latest generation of RT rollers has an engine control module and smart control system that make the RT 56-SC and RT 82-SC simple to operate and maintain. Both rollers use a dual joystick control box for easy steering. The smart remote control system uses line-of-sight control with an infrared signal, keeping the operator out of the trench and at a safe distance from the roller. Wacker added a distance sensing feature that disables the roller if the operator comes within 5 feet of the machine. The RT 56-SC has a 22-inch-wide drum and the RT-82-SC has a 32-inch-wide drum, offering a choice of 15,400 or 7,700 pounds of compaction force.

MBW increases speed on updated vibratory plate series
With a speed of 110 feet per minute, MBW’s GP3550 vibratory plate compactor is 20 percent faster than the GP3000 model. The updated compactor also increases amplitude by 10 percent. Although the GP3550 features a heavier vibrating base assembly than the GP3000, MBW uses a new engine deck design to decrease operating weight by 15 pounds. The base plate is self-cleaning with an open-sided plate design that allows material to flow away from the belt/pulley assembly during operation. The GP3550 also reduces hand and arm vibration by about 70 percent compared with previous models. The compactor includes full roll cage protection.

MTX-90 rammer delivers 3,500 pounds of impact force
Multiquip’s MTX line of rammers features an anti-vibration system to reduce operator fatigue. Fueled by a 3-horsepower Honda engine, the MTX-70 generates 2,900 pounds of impact force on 645 to 695 blows per minute. The MTX-80, with a 3.5-horsepower Robin engine, delivers 3,100 pounds of force. The MTX-90 offers 3,500 pounds of impact force on up to 700 blows per minute. The rammers have travel speeds of up to 36 feet per minute, recoil starts and diaphragm carburetors, which allow the operator to transport the rammer without flooding the engine.

Walk-behind compactor attacks confined spaces
Ingersoll Rand designed its DX-700E walk-behind compactor for asphalt, mixed soil and sub-base aggregate applications. The double drum compactor has a liquid-cooled, 6-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and features an electric start, front and rear drum scrapers, fold-up guide handles, a center-mount lifting hook and automatic shutoff. The DX-700E has a 9.7-inch curb clearance and a 1.02-inch side clearance for working in confined spaces.

Belle Group launches 165-pound plate compactor
Belle Group adds the 165-pound PCX20A to its line of forward plate asphalt compactors. The PCX20A features the Delta base plate for high performance with a small turning radius. The compactor comes equipped with a large water tank and a durable carbon water sprinkler that prevents corrosion. The 3.2-gallon capacity tank allows longer use while retaining a compact design for confined areas. The PCX20A has a travel speed of 91 feet per minute.

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Bomag compactor offers compaction sensor
Bomag’s BPR65/70D reversible plate compactor has the Economizer compaction measurement system, which provides continuous feedback of compaction results, including compaction level and soft spots in the material, on an LED display. The BPR65/70D features an air-cooled, 13.1-horsepower Hatz diesel engine, boosting the compactor’s power by 22 percent more than the previous model. Combined with new base-plate geometry, the additional power increases the compactor’s speed by 16 percent, achieving a working speed of 92 feet per minute. The compactor also offers 15,525 pounds of centrifugal force, 35 percent gradability and maximum vibration frequency of 4,020 vibrations per minute. A hydraulic travel control system allows the operator to change directions or hold the plate in a neutral position with thumb tip operating levers.

Trench roller includes Snap-Tek system for remote operation
Stone Construction Equipment’s Bulldog trench rollers come equipped with the Snap-Tek system, which allows conversion from manual to remote operation by plugging in the receiver.

The radio-frequency remote control system enables operation at ranges up to 100 feet. A 20-horsepower Hatz twin engine powers the Bulldog, which has more than 15,000 pounds of centrifugal force. Padfoot drums are available in a 24- or 34-inch width. The operating system includes a fault log and an optional diagnostic optimizer is available for troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. An idle down feature allows the operator to place the machine in idle using the remote control, reducing engine and starter wear and tear.