Repower Machines at a Lower Cost with Cat's Expanded Replacement Engine Program

Caterpillar remanufactured engine
Caterpillar is expanding its service replacement engine program for owners of equipment powered by Cat engines, giving new alternatives to major engine overhaul.

With new and used equipment in short supply, using remanufactured components may be a good alternative to a complete machine replacement.

Caterpillar has announced the expansion of its service replacement engine program for owners of equipment powered by Cat engines.

The program consists of four options: new replacement engines, Cat Reman engines, short block engine replacements and heavy-duty long blocks. Replacement options are available for equipment using engines up to a Cat C7.1, or 320 horsepower.

New replacement or Cat Reman engine solutions are faster and easier than a complete rebuild, Caterpillar says. Brand-new replacement engines are built to factory specifications that meet emissions standards, deliver same-as-original performance and offer extended warranty protection, the company says. Cat Reman engines are remanufactured to their original performance specifications and re-enter the supply chain ready to be installed. 

“To maximize the return on their investment, customers expect their equipment to perform year after year, even after thousands of hours of hard work,” said global aftermarket sales manager Ron Schultz. “The industrial-power industry has an increased emphasis on the refurbishment of machines, and this program provides a great alternative to extend the life without buying brand-new."

Additionally, the program can help equipment owners reach their sustainability goals by using remanufactured components that may otherwise be sent to landfills.