Monitor Off-Road Tires by Phone in Real Time with Bridgestone's IntelliTire

Bridgestone IntelliTire system components
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Bridgestone’s new IntelliTire system enables real-time monitoring of tire health, including inflation pressure and temperature for 49-inch or smaller sizes.  

The company says the system, which was introduced at World of Asphalt, allows operators to proactively address tire issues with automated task lists, increase technician productivity with digital inspections and reporting, and mitigate unplanned maintenance to help reduce downtime and improve driver safety.

“The second that tire is brought into inventory, we’re able to track that piece to when it’s mounted to all of the different tire checks that are done on pressure and heat,” says Tim Netzel, marketing director, off-the-road tires, Bridgestone. “That ecosystem – from product to technology – helps contractors get the most out of their investment and reduce total cost of ownership.”

The system uses valve stem sensors installed on the tires, in addition to internal sensors, to alert operators to potential issues and monitor the tire throughout  its life.

The sensor details are transmitted through a cloud-based system, and predictive analytics recommend scheduled maintenance or take the tire out of service. When an issue occurs, a text message alert is sent.

“Let’s say that we had a slow leak, and a tire went flat overnight. We don’t want to wait until the operator shows up the next day to find that out,” says Grok Gates, director of business development, Bridgestone. “With this scenario, the dealer would already know about it. They could dispatch a truck and have it fixed before the operator even shows up for work.”

The valve stem sensors can remain in place while technicians perform regular maintenance.

24.00R35 rigid dump truck tire

In addition to launching IntelliTire, Bridgestone introduced its new 3-star 24.00R35 tire for mid-sized rigid dump trucks.

Designed to carry heavy loads on flat terrain in quarries and mines, the tire delivers 8% greater payload capacity, along with a deeper tread depth for improved wear and traction. The tire is resistant to cuts and heat as trucks transfer large hauls between long distances at high speeds, the company says.

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Production on the new 24.00R35 rigid dump truck tire with an all-new traction pattern is scheduled to begin in late 2022, followed by a new hard-rock pattern.