Komatsu, Trimble software platforms will soon share 3D construction data
Wayne Grayson | July 19, 2017

Komatsu’s D155AXi is the largest dozer in its intelligent Machine Control lineup. Photo: Wayne Grayson

Komatsu and Trimble have announced that the two companies are developing a bridge between their respective software platforms that will allow for easy exchanges of 3D construction site data between the two.

The companies say the primary focus of the effort are customers operating mixed earthmoving fleets and aims to provide “a more holistic view of site operations.”


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To allow for this interoperability, Komatsu and Trimble are working together to develop an Application Program Interface, also known as an API. The API will be allow Komatsu’s KomConnect platform and Trimble’s Connect software to communicate with one another and share digital construction data.

3D Site condition data and sample of KomConnect screen. Credit: Komatsu

Komatsu says they sought the partnership for two reasons: to answer customer demand for mixed fleet interoperability and to support Japan’s i-Construction initiative, which is aiming to speed up construction technology innovation in a country whose skilled labor has largely aged out of the workforce.


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Can’t Cut Too Deep: Komatsu unveils PC360, 490LCi semi-auto excavators. We put one to work (VIDEO)

In addition to updating its fleet of new dozers sporting the company’s intelligent machine control with a radio-controlled model,Komatsu has added two new excavators to its ...

Komatsu’s contribution to the i-Construction initiative is its SmartConstruction platform. Komatsu launched the service in Japan in 2015 seeking to automate pre-foundation work on jobsites by combining drones and smart heavy equipment. The U.S. version of the service is a one-stop shop to bolster the company’s intelligent Machine Control lineup, offering comprehensive training and support for anything and everything related to GPS/GNSS earthmoving operations.

Trimble says its Connected Site software solutions gives contractors “a complete view of site productivity including materials quantity and movement, volume and compaction data, and fleet and asset management information, regardless of machine make or model.”


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