Xylem’s Godwin CD150S Dri-Prime pump offers interchangeable impellers

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Updated May 1, 2019

Xylem Godwin CD150S Dri-Prime pump

Xylem’s Godwin CD150S Dri-Prime pump uses a “two pumps in one” approach, with the ability to switch between a two-vane CD150S impeller and a Flygt N-Technology Non-Clog impeller, depending on whether you’re dealing with construction debris or wastewater.

“We don’t believe there’s anybody out there doing this,” says Kevin Snow, Xylem’s Godwin global product manager, in talking about the interchangeable impellers. “And our intent is to take it further,” he told Equipment World at last week’s Bauma show. “It will be useful to both rental and retail customers since they don’t have to buy two different pumps.” Customers also will be able to replace the impeller in about two hours, he says.

Xylem did what Snow calls a “wholesale redesign of the pump that significantly increases its performance and efficiency.” Now users can get up to a 15-percent improvement in fuel economy and up to a 20-percent improvement in uptime and 40-percent streamlined serviceability, he says. “We estimate the total cost of ownership over a five-year period the user can expect to get $50,000 in savings as long as they take advantage of a number of our benefits,” Snow says.

The CD150S can handle debris up to 75 mm in diameter, or solids about the size of a baseball. An improved hydraulic design increases pump efficiency and reduces vibration by up to 50 percent, according to the company. A new sight glass allows users to monitor the level and quality of the pump’s mechanical seal oil and the compressor belt can now be replaced in under 30 minutes.

“It used to take two people up to four hours to replace the compressor belt, now it takes one person 30 minutes, and it’s much safer,” Snow says.

In addition, optional Field Smart Technology sensors on the machine allow it to be remotely monitored and controlled. Viewed on any platform – phone, tablet or computer – FST enables you to locate pumps; monitor key engine and pump parameters; remotely start or start the pump or change pump speed; access a 24/7 customer support line and receive voice or text alerts. Customers can choose between a variety of subscription plans.

The European Stage V-compliant Deutz engine reduces particulate emissions by 90 percent, according to Xylem. An electric-drive pump is available for jobsites with fixed power.


Rental emphasis

Xylem also announced a renewed rental emphasis at the show, Xylem Rental Solutions. “We did some market research about five years ago and realized to our dismay that people didn’t view us as a rental company, and we are one of the first and most successful rental companies,” Snow says.

The company says it’s “the only global company operating in the dewatering and product treatment space that manufactures, sells and services its equipment,” offering the “world’s largest rental fleet of more than 20,000 assets.” With several companies offering pump rentals, “we decided to increase awareness of what we’re capable of,” Snow says. “We specialize in pumps and we also bring expertise to our rental customers that we don’t feel can be matched.”

Xylem Rental Solutions is now operational in both North America and Europe.