Vintage Mercedes joy ride turns into $830K wreck for mechanic

Updated Apr 4, 2013
Credit: Polizeidirektion Ludwigsburg via Der SpiegelCredit: Polizeidirektion Ludwigsburg via Der Spiegel

So you’re a mechanic, and life is sometimes dull. But you’ve just finished up a big job on a really sweet car and hey, you think, how about taking this bad boy out for a test drive?

For one German mechanic, that thought process turned into a $830,000 wreck when he ran off the road with an extremely rare gull-wing Mercedes 300 SL—one of only 1,400 in existence.

The 300 SL was originally unveiled in 1955 and was named the “Sports Car of the Century” in 1999. Somehow, the owner reportedly “remained calm” when informed of the accident.

As Bear Bryant once said about a football player: “I can’t put in what God and Momma left out.”