Dutchman finishes 20-year build of Noah’s Ark replica

Updated Dec 14, 2012
(AP Photo/Peter Dejong)(AP Photo/Peter Dejong)

A lot of builders read our website. But we imagine very few have the amount of time on their hands as Dutchman Johan Huibers. Huibers spent the past 20 years building a complete replica of Noah’s Ark. He only recently finished the project and is now able to let people tour the massive boat which is anchored in the city of Dordrecht, Netherlands.

The Associated Press reports that Huibers used chapters 6-9 in the Bible’s book of Genesis for specifications on building the Ark. The boat measures 427 feet long, 95 feet wide and 75 feet high.

Huibers has filled the ark with stuffed and plastic animals to give visitors a better idea of what the boat would have been like when filled. There’s even a curved upper deck that Huibers said would have been used to collect rainwater for drinking and as a space for the horses to stretch their legs.

But not all of Huibers’s Ark sticks closely to what God commanded Noah build. The boat also contains a 50-seat movie theater and a restaurant on its top level.