Welcome to equipmentworld.com (again)


You may have noticed that our logo looks a little different this month. The clean, modern look created by our art director Tony Brock is our way of announcing a completely revamped web presence at a familiar address, equipmentworld.com.

Our directive for equipmentworld.com is to build a community of like-minded people drawn to compelling information that goes beyond what we can offer in the confines of print. Number two on the must-do list: make that information easy to navigate and extract.



You’ll know immediately which stories we think are most intriguing – they’re front center on the home page, and appear throughout the rest of site. In our desire to ease your navigation, we’ve designed just five menu categories, centered around the issues you’ve been telling us are persistent concerns:

Equipment – Our mission to give you the latest equipment information is still fundamental. Here you’ll find product announcements, maintenance tips and equipment management discussions. And to help you monitor equipment trends, we’ll be adding data from parent Randall-Reilly’s TopBid auction price guide and Equipment Data Associates divisions.

Business – You know how to complete a job on time and in budget, but sometimes the day-to-day business demands of cash flow, bonding, insurance and just plain leadership can be daunting. Here, you’ll find advice from the experts, keep up with what’s happening in the industry, and find out how other contractors are succeeding in this flat economy.

Technology – Construction has a bad rap as a late technology adaptor, but we know if it makes sense, and shows a relatively quick ROI, your interest is piqued. Our editors will not only tell you what’s new, but also give our opinion of what works.

Safety – If you’re not safe, your business survival is in question. We’ll update you on safety trends, plus give you access to our magazine’s Safety Watch columns – a must-read since 2008.

Workforce – Every year, we ask contractors applying for our Contractor of the Year program to tell us their most compelling problem, and every year, the top answer is finding skilled workers. Instead of griping “people just don’t want to work these days,” take a look in this section to find out what’s working and what shows promise.

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Up next? Well, we can tell you it will involve further enhancements to our products section and even more integrated Randall-Reilly data. In the meantime, let us know what you want more of, less of, and whether we’re giving you what you need to thrive in the new normal.