Paving machine performs two functions

The new GOMACO PS-4000 placer/spreader can place and spread aggregate base material and then be converted to place and spread concrete to finish the job. Available as a two- or four-track machine, it gives you the option of a single conveyor mounted to either side or a twin conveyor that mounts on both sides depending on the required widths.

With a single conveyor the PS-4000 can place and spread concrete up to 43 feet wide. The twin conveyor stretches that out to 50 feet. The conveyors are built tough enough to catch either the aggregate or concrete load from end-dump trucks. A conveyor deflector controls the discharge of materials, and a hydraulically powered, reversible split auger spreads the material to width. The conveyors raise and lower quickly to allow trucks to pass by – eight seconds up and six seconds down for the two-track conveyor and seven seconds each way for the four tracks.

The PS-4000 uses the GOMACO control system, which electronically monitors both the grade and the steering. Sensors operate off the same stringline as the paver for placing and spreading accuracy.

Tom Jackson