7th Day of Construction Gifts: Crescent Tradesman Backpack tool bag

Updated Dec 22, 2019

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Several of the construction professionals and technicians we know have started carrying around tool backpacks rather than tool bags. But you don’t want to use the old Jansport in your closet for something like this. You want something purpose built for protecting your investment and standing up to the harsh environment of a job site.

The Crescent Tradesman Backpack fits the bill. It features a hard base made of durable and water resistant polypropylene that not only keeps your tools safe and dry, but also keeps the bag upright when you put it down.

The bag features four exterior pockets and 34 interior pockets for storing tools, parts and whatever else you need on a daily basis. It also has a water bottle holder, a magnetic pocket, a tape measure clip three D-ring attachment points and a large easy-access adjustable front pocket for bulky items like power cords.

Another impressive feature of this bag is that Crescent backs each and every zipper on it with a 3-year warranty.

The Tradesman Backpack retails for around $130. Right now it’s on Amazon for $110. Check out more photos below.



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