1st Day of Construction Gifts: DeWalt Lighted Technician’s bag

Updated Dec 7, 2018

DeWalt Bag

There are lots of tool bags out there. This one, the DeWalt DGL573 Lighted Technician’s Tool Bag, is designed specifically for technicians and comes with lots of features not found in most other bags—most impressively, an LED light. The light can be angled in to illuminate the interior of the bag or turned outward to light up the work area. It has a total of 41 pockets, 28 inside and 13 outside. Padded straps allow you to carry it over one shoulder or backpack style. Foot pads on the bottom keep the bag off damp ground and help prevent abrasive wear on the nylon bag.

You can buy the bag on Amazon for about $55. While you’re there, check out the video overview.