GEAR: This Porsche 914-6 GT pickup is the coolest utility vehicle we’ve ever seen (PHOTOS)

Updated Sep 13, 2013
Porsche 914-6 GT pickup truck
Credit: Brett Sloan
Credit: Brett SloanCredit: Brett Sloan

“The car you are looking at is one of a kind,” explains Jesea Jeannette, the maker of the odd and amazing vehicle you see above. Named for the bodybuilder Jeannette’s father Kevin bought it from in the 1970s, the Troutman Truck is a Porsche 914-6 GT that has been modified into a pickup.

This is probably one of the only mid-engine pickups in the world. The 2.5-liter twin plug engine is located right between the bed and the cab.

We found these amazing photos by photographer Brett Sloan in the Retro Rides message boards. So we did a little digging and eventually found a post on the Gunnar Racing site from when the car was finished back in 2011. There, it’s explained that this is an idea that Kevin Jeannette had wanted to see come to life for about 20 years. And it’s meant to be a utility vehicle for for other 914s on the race track.

Credit: Brett SloanCredit: Brett Sloan

“There used to be a race called “Marathon de la Route”… In the years 1965-1971 it took place at the Nürburgring in Nürburg, Germany and on average lasted 84 hours. In 1970, the race podium was swept by 914-6s,” Jeannette writes. “People were blown away by how strong the 914s ran and finished. The track was 28 miles long and if there was a problem there was no way to get help. Your car was basically just finished unless the driver could fix it on track.[…]

“My Dad came up with this idea that the 914s had help out on the track and so this 914-6 GT Troutman Truck was born. It’s basically a utility vehicle that was out on the track to tend to the 914s that needed it. That’s the reason for the lights, fire extinguishers, spare fuel, toolbox, and car jack.”

If you want even more details on this amazing truck and a ton of photos, head on over to the Gunnar Racing page.

Credit: Brett SloanCredit: Brett Sloan