12 Days of Construction Gifts: Clauss SpeedPak Utility Knife

Updated Dec 17, 2012

Clauss Speed Pak E1355499263115

The Clauss SpeedPak Utility Knife is useful for contractors or handy people who don’t change the blades in their utility knives’ blades often enough or would like to change them less frequently. This utility knife allows for quick, easy and safe blade changes with its 3-second quick-change feature. The handle of the knife holds a cartridge of blades, which allows you to change the blades by simply pushing a button. Each cartridge holds 10 titanium bonded double-edged blades that are three times harder than steel, and the quick-change feature won’t be needed often because the titanium blades stay sharper longer than steel. The SpeedPak Utility Knife features one lightweight aluminum utility blade cartridge with a non-slip grip and is available with utility, hook, dubbed or serrated blades. $7.

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