New Iowa Mold Tooling articulating cranes offer more lift, reach

Updated Dec 7, 2012


IMT’s 40 tm has a maximum lifting capacity of 19,026 pounds.IMT’s 40 tm has a maximum lifting capacity of 19,026 pounds.


Iowa Mold Tooling’s newest additions to its truck-mounted articulating crane line, the 40 tm and the 50 tm, offer long reach with minimal space requirements. The 40/275 and 50/345 cranes deliver maximum lifting capacities of 19,026 and 22,840 pounds, respectively, and can be equipped with eight horizontal extensions. The 49/275 can achieve a maximum horizontal reach of 69 feet, 11 inches, and the 50/345 has a maximum reach of 70 feet, 3 inches when equipped with the extension.

The mounting space required for the cranes is just 3 feet 9 inches for the 40/275 and 3 feet 11 inches for the 50/345. Both cranes have a dual power plus link arm system to enable long reaches and lifting in high positions while delivering precise and regular movements. The cranes also offer an “over-bending” feature that ensures the working area between the main and outer booms is no less than 195 degrees, offering greater flexibility when working in areas with narrow clearance or overhead obstructions.

Standard on the cranes is IMT’s RCL (rated capacity limiter) 5300, which monitors crane functions, load moment and operation, and interrupts oil distribution for crane functions in an overload situation while allowing functions that reduce load moment. Additional features include a radio remote control, continuous rotation, an internal hose routing system and a flexible stow bracket design. Optional stabilizer solutions are available.