GEAR: Flexy Cord extension cords are tangle-proof

Updated Dec 6, 2012
A standard electrical cord, left, next to a Flexy Cord.A standard electrical cord, left, next to a Flexy Cord.


Tangles, kinks and snares come with the territory whenever working with extension cords. But the Flexy Cord from Philatron Wire and Cable takes removes the headache and the need for a reel for storage by retracting to its original length after use. The Flexy Cord saves space and reduces the chance of tripping over a cord. The cords retract via a combination of reduced cord diameter, increased coil diameter and specially engineered materials with “memory” that enables them to retract to their original length. The material is tangle-proof and kink-proof. The compact extension cords are available in several lengths ranging from $11 to $64. The 4-inch cord extends to 8 feet, the 5-inch cord extends to 10 feet, the 10-inch cord extends to 20 feet and the 20-inch cord extends to 45 feet.