Volvo excavator takes off a sailor’s clothes in uncomfortable display of precision

Updated Jan 22, 2015

Volvo CE excavator undresses a sailor

If you’ve never been both mesmerized and extremely uncomfortable at the same time, but might like to try it out, boy does Volvo Construction Equipment have a video for you.

To preface the below video, you’ve got to understand that Volvo is a company that loves unique demonstrations of their machines’ capabilities. Last year alone, Volvo Trucks put a hamster behind the steering wheel, allowed an FMX to run over the heads of one its engineers and, most famously, convinced Jean Claude van Damme to do an “Epic Split” between two moving trucks. Viral videos have been great advertising for the company and they’re not afraid at taking chances to create more.

And yet, as random and odd as those past successes may have seemed, nothing comes out of left field quite like Volvo CE’s latest, called the “Undress Challenge.” The video tasks a wheeled excavator equipped with a tiltrotator to remove the uniform of “sailing legend” Richard Mason, who needs to get ready for a night out on the town.

Between the music and the slow unzipping of Mason’s Gore-Tex overalls, while not as epic as their other challenges, the video certainly grabs your attention and leaves you with a lot of questions. Check it out below.