Truck lands first-ever controlled 360° barrel roll with modified ramp

Updated Feb 12, 2014

Baja 1000 360 barrel roll Adrian Cenni

The barrel roll and trucks flipping and spinning in off-road races and competitions might not be new. But the act of landing a completely planned and controlled 360° barrel roll is, and Adrian “Wildman” Cenni is the first to get it done. Cenni and his team built a special ramp for the occasion at the Baja 1000 off-roading race in Mexico just a few months back. The ramp launches him and then bumps his driver side front tire to corkscrew him some 20 feet in the air to complete the trick.

Maybe more amazing than the trick itself is how Cenni is able to correct the truck to land it. And how cool is it that there’s traffic on the bridge above? Check out the video below.

[youtube jsrgeoa_70M nolink]