New Cat Multi-Processors speed cycle times, boost crushing force

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Updated Feb 2, 2019
Cat MP332Cat MP332

Caterpillar has introduced three new Multi-Processors for demolition work that the company says are faster and more powerful than previous models.

The MP332, MP345 and MP365 can cycle 50 percent faster and generate 19 percent more cutting and crushing force than previous models, Cat says.

Cat also designed the excavator attachments to be easier for changing jaw types. One operator can change the jaw within 15 minutes with standard hand tools, thanks to a new locking system, the company says.

Cat designed the Multi-Processors with what it calls “speed booster” technology, in which the system automatically shifts hydraulic action between force (boost mode) and speed mode. In no-load conditions, hydraulic fluid flows rapidly to open the jaw or close it for contact. Once it makes contact, flow goes to cutting/crushing force. Forces range from 460 to 1,270 tons, depending on the model.

Cat MP345Cat MP345

Jaw types for the multiprocessors are as follows:

  • Concrete Cutter – outer jaw cracks concrete and the inner jaw shears steel
  • Demolition – cracks thick concrete structures
  • Pulverizer – crushes concrete, separates rebar
  • Shear – cuts structural steel, pipe, cable
  • Tank Shear – cuts tanks or plate steel at a right angle on three sides
  • Universal – cuts steel and crushes concrete

The company says the Multi-Processors bring greater power to small excavators, and they have a balanced design that keeps the attachment’s center of gravity close to the excavator.

Cat also incorporated control of the Multi-Processors in the operator displays of its Next Gen excavator models.

Standard features include a stand to securely hold unused jaw sets, wear parts to protect the jaws that are easy to replace, and an armored cylinder rod and a protective structure for the cylinder’s body. Cat says most of the cutting blades can be flipped in two ways. That gives four cutting edges that can be used before it’s time to replace the blades.

The multiprocessors can be used on excavators ranging from 32 to 90 tons.

Quick Specs

Cat MP365Cat MP365


MP332 MP345 MP365
Carrier weight, tons 32-50 45-65 65-90
Concrete thickness, max., in.
Concrete Cutter* 29.5 33.5 39.4
Demolition 33.5 37.4 43.3
Pulverizer 27.6 29.5 39.4
Universal 27.6
Metal thickness, max., in.
Shear, I-Beam 17.7 19.7 23.6
Shear, H-Beam 11.0 13.4 15.7
Tank Shear, plate thickness 1.2

* MP332 w/concrete cutter can cut I-beams (15.7 in.) and H-beams (10.2 in.); MP345 w/concrete cutter can cut I-beams (17.7 in.) and H-beams (11.0 in.); MP365 w/concrete cutter can cut I-beams (19.7 in.) and H-beams (11.8 in.).