Terramac demos new RT14R rotating crawler carrier

Updated May 30, 2016

Terramac is demonstrating its new RT14R 360-degree rotating crawler carrier at several of its North American dealerships in “tow and show” events to highlight the machine’s capabilities.

The RT14R is based on the RT14 launched at last year’s ICUEE event in Louisville, Kentucky. The RT14 was a step up from the company’s RT9 model and can carry 55 percent more weight.

“The tow and show is a great way to introduce the RT14R by providing customers with a hands-on experience,” says Matt Slater, director of sales, during an event at Lyle Machinery near Jackson, Mississippi. “We have two prototypes, with one going through testing and one going to tow and shows. We’re going to be testing it in a real world application, at a chemical plant near Columbus, Mississippi, in a couple of weeks.”

The benefit of the rotating assembly is that it allows the crawler carrier to enter more confined spaces without having to rotate the tracks. The cab can rotate 180-degrees, placing the operator in a position to drive out facing the way he came in. It also allows more flexibility for attachment use.

Slater said the new machine’s design is based on features from the Komatsu CD150 crawler carrier, which ceased production in 2008. “We learned from that machine, with the way it rotates, and we tried to be as safety conscious as possible. You can see out of it well and we are going to add cameras to it. With our dealer network in Canada we’ve been able to get some good feedback on things we should add or change.”

Other features of the RT14R:

  • 14 ton carrying capacity
  • 40,000 pounds total weight
  • Low ground pressure (7.9 PSI)
  • Cummins 320HP engine (T4F)
  • ROPS & FOPS certified