Graders go wheels up to tackle extreme sloping

Updated Jun 4, 2016

Grader sloping

Sometimes, graders have to go vertical and when it happens it can be a perfect opportunity for a fine operator to show off his skill. In the videos below we see varying degrees of difficulty.

As for the first of these three videos, YouTube uploader big04cummins says he hopped inside the machine to show his grader operator how to “cut a 0.5:1 at the top of that 4:1.” He adds in the video’s description, “…we are cutting sub-grade for the channel that the rip rap sits in on the slope there is a 0.5:1 at the top for 2.5 ft then a 4:1 for 80-110 ft (depending on the floor elevation) then a 10ft flat bench and 4:1 for 12- 24 ft down to the floor ( again depending on the floor elev.)”