Trimble launches DG613, DG813 pipe lasers with more compact design, radio remote control


At World of Concrete, Trimble has introduced two of its newest Spectra Precision pipe laser models, the DG613 and DG813. We first got word of these lasers in November but now have a bit more detail on all the new features they’ll pack.

The lasers will be available in North America later this month and feature a grade range of -12 to +40 percent and a 500-foot working range. The RC803 remote control provides full control over the lasers using an infrared beam when in the pipe at a distance of up to 500 feet.

Trimble has also added radio communications for “over-the-top” setups at a distance up to 430 feet. The radio frequency allows workers to see what’s on the laser’s display on the remote control, as well as where the laser is in relation to the center line.

Spectra Precision DG813&DG613 Pipe Lasers

The DG613 and DG813 replace the DG511 and DG711 and are shorter than those models, making them easer to fit around tight inverts when setting the units up in manholes.

The models feature cross axis compensation for near immediate operation. Onboard software ensures the laser is level without requiring manual rotation inside the invert.

Another ease-of-use upgrade is Trimble’s decision to update the lasers’ interface in order to eliminate the need for what the company’s engineers began referring to as the “claw”—pressing multiple buttons simultaneously to activate certain functions—with an easy to read, icon-based Graphical User Interface.

New features to the lasers include:

  • Line Alert — causes the beam to blink to notify the operator that the setup has been disturbed.
  • Line Set — allows beam to be moved up to 100 percent grade in few seconds and then adjusted left or right to perform first day set in a short trench.
  • Line Scan — allows the user to quickly align the beam to the pipe laying target’s center which is placed in the last piece of pipe.

Advanced features include:

  • Spot Align — automatically aligns the DG813’s beam to the center of the Spot Finder. This alignment feature can be used for an accurate and quick setup, to orient the beam towards the next manhole when used in a trench, through the pipe or when doing an “over-the-top” setup.
  • Spot Match — used for checking that the pipe has been installed to the correct grade or for finding the grade value of an existing pipeline. This can also be used to calculate the grade between manholes.
  • SpotLok — used to lock the beam in a desired position for applications when the beam could be subject to environmentally caused drift such as dramatic temperature changes in the pipe or air stratification. Spot Search is used to align the Spot Finder to the beam over long distances out of the trench.