Toro’s new vertical lift Dingo TX 1000 lays claim to strongest compact utility loader on the market (PHOTOS)

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Updated Feb 27, 2015
Toro Dingo TX 1000 compact utility loader

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Toro’s Dingo TX 1000’s rated operating capacity makes it the strongest compact utility loader on the market, according to the company, which debuted the machine this week at The Rental Show.

When the vertical-lift loader arms are fully extended, the machine’s hinge pin measures 81 inches from the ground, giving it the ability to dump into dumpsters and 1-ton pickups.

Toro says the vertical-lift design keeps the loader closer to the machine, allowing it to lift more weight and increase the reach at full height. “The loader arms are robust, with extra linkages and cylinders,” says Sean O’Halloran, marketing manager, Toro. “The vertical lift path also results in more efficient augering.”

The machine comes in a 2,610-pound narrow track version, enabling it to get into 36-inch doorways and gates. The wide track version weighs 2,790 pounds and has 75 pounds additional lift capacity. The high-drive track system keeps the drive wheel motor off the ground, and gives the machine curb jumping capability, O’Halloran adds.

“With the TX 1000 and TX 1075, we now have nine compact utility loader models,” says Sean O’Halloran, marketing manager, Toro. “We were the first ones to come out with this machine category and now we’re reinventing it. With these machines we’ve doubled the capacity of our current loaders.” (Note: this product category can also be referred to as a “mini skid steer.”)

Toro says the traction control design on the machine is “intuitive and effortless, providing operators with all-day productivity.” The operator stand platform has hip and thigh padding, and an auxiliary foot control, which frees the operator to concentrate on ground speed and attachment positioning.

Powered by a 24-horsepower Kubota 1305 liquid-cooled diesel engine, the TX 1000 has a maximum ground speed of 4.7 mph in both forward and reverse. It also has dual fuel tanks to reduce jobsite downtime.