PHOTOS: Hyundai unveils R220LC-9A amphibious excavator

Updated Mar 7, 2014
Hyundai R220LC-9A amphibious excavator7

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Back in December, Hyundai launched the R220LC-9A mid-size excavator. That machine boasted a 157-hp Cummins Tier 4 engine and a 20-foot, 5-inch max dig depth. At ConExpo this week, the company unveiled its amphibious cousin.

The R22LC-9A Amp is capable of treading 5 feet, 1 inch of water thanks to its 5-foot steel hydraulic extendable pontoons and propelling motors. The machine features a 20 foot, 8 inch long arm and a 1.75 cubic yard bucket. Even when in the waters of a swamp or marsh, the machine has a max dig depth of 34 feet, 11 inches. The machine is powered by a 174-hp Cummins engine.

Check out a few photos of the machine in the gallery above.