Wirtgen wins a Bauma 2013 innovation award with “virtual stringlines” and the AutoPilot Field Rover

Updated Apr 22, 2013

Wirtgen AutoPilot Field RoverThe Bauma construction equipment trade show, currently wrapping up in Munich, Germany has named its five innovations award winners for 2013. The show received 156 entries from  Germany and abroad” and narrowed the field to 15 before choosing six winners.

Wirtgen was named as one of those award winners for its “AutoPilot Field Rover” entry for  succeeding “in developing a component that, in comparison to the systems used so far, accelerates the processes in road construction, saves costs and delivers higher quality.”

The AutoPilot Rover eliminates the need for time-consuming stringlines by collecting measurement data and creating a “virtual stringline.” That stringline is downloaded to a USB stick which is inserted into the machine control of a slipform paver and is used to direct where the paver goes.

Plus, Bauma notes that the rover can be operated with little training. The show also notes that because the paver can automatically negotiate obstacles thanks to the virtual stringline, it enhances safety and reduces the chance of machine damage.

Bauma says its selections are made by attempting to determine which solutions will hold “great promise for the future; practicality of application; contribution to environmental protection and to humanization of the workplace; and energy- and cost-efficiency coupled with performance.
Watch video of the AutoPilot Field Rover in action below.

[youtube gHSmhAZwAhU nolink]