Kawasaki designs, builds wheel loader ‘For the Cure’

Kawasaki has designed and built a 70TMV-2 “For the Cure” wheel For_the_Cure 049loader at the request of Mid-Country Machinery in Iowa.

Painted light pink with bright pink “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” decals, the wheel loader was ordered by the new Kawasaki distributer as an addition to their rental fleet.

Bud PeCoy, a principal with Mid-Country Machinery, For_the_Cure 056a construction equipment dealer and rental company headquartered in Fort Dodge, Iowa, along with partners Mark Swedlund, Lucas Peed and Bob Conaway created the breast cancer awareness campaign when they learned that one of their customers suffered from breast cancer.

Mid-Country anticipates donating 10 percent of the wheel loader rental proceeds during the course of the next 54 months.

“Hopefully, this is just the beginning of our contribution,” stated PeCoy in a written statement. “We are passionate about this cause because we feel it’s safe to say that many of us have known someone with this devastating illness. Our hope is that we can not only heighten awareness, but also donate money for the research, treatment, and the never-ending search for the cure.”

Kawasaki is the newest addition to the successful Breast Cancer Awareness program by Mid-Country Machinery joining a Kobelco SK210 Mark 8 excavator and 2 JLG 800S telescoping boomlifts.