Des Moines, Iowa – earthmover and excavator

Location: Des Moines, Iowa
Theft Date: September 28
Value of stolen items: $150,000

Investigators are trying to solve an unusual heist: The theft of an earthmover and an excavator from a construction site near three interstates.

Authorities believe the heavy equipment was taken some time Friday night, after a construction crew left a site near the interchange of Interstates 235, 35 and 80. When another crew showed up on Saturday morning, the heavy equipment was gone.

Jensen Construction Co. values the equipment at $150,000.

“We have tool break-ins, small tools, trailers … but something this size — first time for me ever happening that big,” said Randy Freel, of Jensen Construction Co.

Authorities said such a big theft is a rarity.

“This is an extremely large piece of construction equipment, and it’s not like hot-wiring a car and driving off with it,” said Neil Shultz of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. “This took someone with extraordinary skills and abilities that knows how to drive it, start it, load it onto a trailer.”