AGCO introduces Challenger MT800 Series track tractors

Updated Sep 1, 2022
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AGCO Corporation has introduced all-new Challenger MT800 Series track tractors. The company says the new machines boast new engine and transmission combinations, an enhanced track and chassis system, more hydraulic and hitch options and a redesigned cab. Equipped with the AccuDrive powertrain, the MT800 are the most powerful two-track tractors available with a stepless transmission.

Producers can choose from among four models in the MT800 Series, all of which run engines by MAN. The MT851 (511 HP), MT856 (564 HP) and MT862 (618 HP) are powered by MAN 15.2-liter, 6-cylinder diesel engines, whereas the MT867 (673 HP) is equipped with a MAN 16.2-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine. Both power plants utilize a low engine speed approach that creates high torque even at lower speeds. AccuDrive allows for an engine speed range of 1,000 to 1,700 rpm, providing maximum torque from 1,100 to 1,450 rpm.

The Challenger Accu-VT continuously variable transmission (CVT) is engineered to optimize the benefits of track tractors. AGCO says Accu-VT can achieve ground speed from 65 ft. per hour to as much as 25 mph, all at reduced engine speed. The Tractor Management System (TMS) automatically controls engine speed and transmission ratio to ensure constant ground speed.

The MT800 Series allows for track widths from 88 in., to 128 in. Four track styles are available in as many as four belt widths from 18 to 36 in., depending on the style, the company says. Suspended mid-wheels help to maintain constant contact on all surfaces, providing excellent ride comfort.

Further improvement in operator comfort in both field and road conditions is achieved through the Challenger SmartRide suspension. The hard-bar front axle is connected to the chassis via the suspension system that uses coil springs with rubber dampeners. AGCO says an optional load-leveling system, SmartRide+, integrates hydraulic cylinders within the springs, allowing the tractor’s pitch to be controlled.

Sitting atop the chassis is the all-new MT800 Series cab. Customers can choose from either the standard suspension of four-point shock absorbers with rubber elements or the two-point cab suspension.

Inside the cab, AGCO says operators have a choice of three air-suspended seats: cloth, leather with heat and leather with heat and ventilation. Integrated with the seat is the adjustable multifunction armrest with the 10.4-in., Challenger AccuTerminal that places both tractor and implement controls at the operator’s fingertips. The layout of the controls is similar to that of other Challenger equipment, AGCO says, enabling for familiarity as operators move from one machine to the next. The exclusive, single-spoke steering wheel is ergonomically shaped for effortless steering. Integrated audio system controls are optional.

Challenger Guide smart farming guidance package options allow an operator to connect the MT800 Series tractor to a multitude of systems available on the market today. Systems such as Challenger Guide Contour Assistant and the TI Headland automated operating sequence, for example, save operators time and improve the quality of work, especially on headlands. The AGCO Connectivity Module enables communication with Challenger Connect, the MT800 Series’ telemetry system, simplifying fleet management and quickly identifying error codes, the company says.

Multiple rear hitch systems are available to connect the power of the Challenger MT800 Series to any number of implements. Customers can choose from three drawbars and two-, three-point hitches.

A Category 5 fixed drawbar with an 11,000-lb., vertical load rating is standard. AGCO says operators may also choose a wide-swinging roller drawbar with 11,000-lb., load rating or a hydraulic-controlled drawbar with 15,000-lb., load rating. These options offer 28 degrees of horizontal swing both left and right.

AGCO adds it offers the only tractors on the market available with a steerable three-point hitch. This feature allows the MT800 Series to make headland turns closer to the center point of wide implements when under high draft loads. It also reduces the amount of steering power needed while maintaining a higher draft force, the company says.

Both standard (15,000-lb., lift capacity) and high-capacity (20,000-lb., lift capacity) hitches are available. Each also includes a Category 5 free-swinging drawbar with 15,000-lb., vertical load rating. With the drawbar unpinned and the hitch allowed to swing, the combination can achieve 23.5 degrees of horizontal swing both left and right, the company says.

The Challenger MT800 Series is equipped with a hydraulic system that is entirely dedicated to the valves, hitch, drawbar control and power beyond.

Two options are available: a single pump providing 58.1 gpm at 1,700 rpm or the exclusive dual pump, dual circuit system for up to 116.2 gpm. This unique dual system dedicates one pump each to the left and right valve blocks, so implements can be connected according to their flow requirements. Each pump delivers only the flow that is required, whether high or low, without throttle losses, the company says..

In addition, AGCO says separate oil reservoirs for the implement and tractor hydraulic systems prevent cross contamination and extend the service interval to 2,000 hours.