Implements: What do you need?

Updated Sep 8, 2021
Implements add versatility to tractors

Let’s be honest. If you are first-time buyer of a compact utility tractor, you’re not leaving the dealership without at least one implement. Implements significantly add to the versatility of your tractor and can handle a wide range of tasks — from the everyday to the highly specific.

And with more than 600 implements available, your choices are endless.

The first question is obvious: what job do I want to accomplish, and how do I want to accomplish it? Because the type, size and specificity of the implement will determine your ultimate choice, says Mark Davey, marketing manager for John Deere.

Implements add versatility to tractors

A handy website to visit that can give you a wealth of information on the wide variety of implements available is

Here’s the list of the top 10 implements you should add to inventory:

  1. Tractor loader: The loader is perhaps the most versatile implement, but the choices depend on the task required. Larger bucket for moving more material? A pallet fork? Or do you need a debris grapple?
  2. Rotary cutter or grooming mower: Are you going to be mowing pastures or roadside ditches? A rotary cutter is just the ticket. But here, too, you have a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. And you can’t use a rotary cutter to have a pristine front lawn. For that, you’ll need a grooming mower. And if you need both jobs done, you might need both types.
  3. Box blade: Grading or leveling your driveway? Leveling land? A box blade is just the ticket.
  4. Rear blade: Also very useful at grading and smoothing, or snow removal.
  5. Land plane: Do you need something to level your garden, smooth a riding arena? These are versatile pieces of equipment that can get the job done.
  6. Snowblower: Maybe not the most needed in Florida, but if you’re in snowy areas a snowblower makes quick work of moving the white stuff.
  7. Post hole digger: Not just for building a fence, post-hole diggers can also help when setting posts for a building, or even planting trees.
  8. Rotary tiller: Got a large garden? A rotary tiller makes the task of getting ready for planting quick and efficient.
  9. Pallet fork: It’s one of the more versatile tools and can make quick work of moving pallets.
  10. Spreader: Spreading not only includes fertilizer and seed, it can also include salt in the winter.

Implements add versatility to tractors