John Deere offers all-new lineup of Hagie Self-Propelled STS12, STS16, and STS20 Sprayers

Updated Jan 9, 2022
03 21 jd Haige Sprayer Lineup

John Deere has announced an all-new lineup of Hagie Self-Propelled Sprayers for model year 2022. Three models are being offered and include the STS12, STS16, and STS20.

“Everything about these sprayers is new, except for the field-proven signature front spray boom,” says Joel Basinger, marketing manager, John Deere. “Hagie forward-facing innovation and John Deere precision-ag technology have joined forces to advance full-season spraying. If you need to split-apply nitrogen or demand superior late-season fungicide coverage, John Deere and Hagie can help you ‘Enter the Field Any Day’ with an STS Sprayer.”   

Deere says the front boom placement on the STS Sprayer reduces the need for operators to constantly turn and look behind the machine during application. John Deere’s AutoTrac RowSense and AutoTrac Vision keep the sprayer in the row for precise product placement. STS Sprayers also feature All Wheel Steer technology that keeps the sprayer’s tires in the same set of tracks, reducing the potential for crop damage, even when making 90-degree headland turns. STS Sprayers have up to 76 in., of underframe clearance so crop disturbance is minimized, and the in-wheel suspension of the sprayer provides operators with a smooth ride. 

The solution tank is located at the center of the sprayer to balance the weight of the machine whether the tank is full or empty. Three tank sizes are available. Deere says the largest is the new, 2,000-gallon tank for the STS20 that allows the sprayer to work longer between fills.

Farmers can equip their STS Sprayer with one of four sizes of Hagie Hybrid Booms in working widths of 90, 100, 120, and 132 ft. These booms are strong, light weight and versatile, the company says, while Active Wing Roll by Norac controls boom height when spraying across uneven terrain. 

Additionally, STS Sprayers come equipped with PowrSpray technology that enables fast, up to 300-gallon-per-minute fills, plus auto prime and onboard mixing so operators can get back in the field more quickly. Using optional John Deere ExactApply technology, Deere says operators can control droplet size, spray pressure and individual nozzle control on the STS Sprayer. Pressure recirculation and optional System Air Purge technology can improve job quality and simplify cleanout while reducing product waste.   

Each STS Sprayer comes standard with a JDLink connection, plus an integrated StarFire 6000 GPS receiver, Generation 4 CommandCenter display and AutoTrac guidance.

Each STS Sprayer also is equipped with a John Deere Powertech 9.0 L Engine that increases power bulge and torque. Deere says the 300-hp STS12, 400-hp STS16, and 400-hp STS20 Sprayers provide increased power management and fuel economy compared with previous models. On the STS20, dual turbos were added to the engine to make it the most powerful self-propelled sprayer available. 

STS Sprayers come standard with CommandDrive technology to monitor for wheel slip. If one-wheel slips, CommandDrive automatically sends more power to the other wheels for real-time traction control, and improved performance across tough terrain. Using the scroll wheel on the multi-function hydro handle, the operator can dial in the desired speed range.