Equipment Roundup: New Bobcat E60 replaces 2 Excavators (Video); JCB debuts fast electric charging platform; The latest heavy trucks; Stackable mobile jobsite refueler

Bobcat E60 Thumb

Western Global’s stackable TransCube Cab is a mobile refueler for jobsites

Western Global’s new trailer-mounted TransCube Cab brings fuel to the jobsite to reduce downtime for construction and auxiliary equipment, the company says.

The refueler is available in three sizes: 258, 483 and 727 gallons. It is mounted to a galvanized steel trailer.


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Latest heavy truck advances all about comfort, configurability and driver assistance

Advances include electronic safety features such as collision mitigation and lane departure warning. Steering has been made easier to reduce driver fatigue. Customers also have more say in the configuration of the chassis and the body, allowing for a more customized hauler to meet their specific work needs.


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You Can Power JCB’s New Electric 505-20E Telehandler, 19C-1E Compact Excavator With the Same Fast Charger

JCB has enlarged its electric-powered footprint, announcing expansions and upgrades in its telehandler and compact excavator lines.

Powering it all will be an optional fast-charge Universal Charger, which the company says will be compatible with both current and future electric machines.


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Video: Bobcat Packed Enough Power Into the New E60 To Replace 2 Excavators

Bobcat is continuing the rollout of its new R2 Series excavators with the introduction of the new E60. Designed to replace both the E55 and E63 from the previous generation, the E60 is a 5.5 metric ton machine that packs more power, more performance and easier maintenance. We’ve got all the details in our latest video overview. Check it out.