Equipment Roundup: Deere intros 333G CTL with DozerMode; Mecalac’s new Swing Loaders have 180-degree swivel; The latest mid- to full-sized excavators; Case intros PT240D tire roller; Turn off the engine when you see these oil analysis red flags

Updated Mar 31, 2020
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Cease work and turn off the engine when you see these red flags on an oil analysis report

Oil analysis can show you trends in the health of your engines and oil. It can also tip you off to eminent catastrophic failure.

If you catch these problems early enough, you can fix the underlying problem, drain and refill the crankcase with new oil, and monitor the results with further oil analysis, saving thousands of dollars in emergency repairs and possibly prevent a ruined engine.


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Case PT240D pneumatic tire roller made for large road projects

Case Construction Equipment’s new PT240D pneumatic tire roller is designed to require fewer passes and improve penetration and compaction density.

It is built for sub-base and asphalt compaction on large road and highway projects, airport runways and commercial development. The compactor runs on a 100-horsepower, turbocharged, Tier 4 Final Deutz engine. The engine requires no diesel particulate filter, instead using a diesel oxidation catalyst and selective catalytic reduction to meet federal emissions requirements.


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Excavation Innovation: Everything you need to know about the latest mid- to full-sized excavators

“New and improved” is a trite marketing phrase, but it really applies to current mid- to full-sized excavators.

Check out the article for a full rundown of everything new on the latest excavators.


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Mecalac unveils AS Series Swing Loaders to U.S. with 180-degree arm swivel

At ConExpo 2020, Mecalac unveiled its latest product for the U.S. market, its AS Series of swing loaders.

Unlike traditional and articulated wheel loaders, the swing loaders’ arm and bucket are positioned to the side, allowing for 180-degree arm swivel in either direction. In four-wheel-steering mode, the company says, the swing loaders need 20 percent less space to perform a complete rotation than a conventional loader.

“You have the safety of the four-wheel steering,” says Patrick Brehmer, Mecalac head of design and product management. “You have the maneuverability because you can swing the bucket, and you have the space management because you work in all directions without moving the machine.”


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Deere intros 333G compact track loader with integrated grade control, DozerMode

John Deere put its 333G compact track loader with SmartGrade in the center of its ConExpo 2020 booth, highlighting what it says is the first time a fully integrated grade control technology will be available on compact equipment.

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The 333G is Deere’s largest CTL. The 12,100-pound machine features a vertical-lift design, a 100-hp engine and 3,700 pounds of rated operating capacity.


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