Equipment Roundup: Cat intros 10 new mini excavators; Ride in an autonomous Komatsu haul truck; Which Chevy pickup fits your towing needs; Liebherr previews next-gen excavators; Trimble intros AI load scale

Updated Nov 6, 2018
Cat 307.5 mini excavator

Trimble launches AI-powered load scale on Hitachi wheel loaders

Trimble says the Loadrite L3180 SmartScale system uses artificial intelligence for faster, more precise loading. And the company has joined with Hitachi Machinery Loaders America to bring its newest onboard weighing system to Hitachi’s wheel loaders.


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Liebherr previews R 922, R 924 Generation 8 excavators planned for 2019 release

Liebherr Group’s Generation 8 crawler excavators, planned for introduction staring in January and throughout the coming year, will include two models for highly regulated countries such as the United States.

The 160-horsepower R 922 and 162-horsepower R 924 models, weighing between 22 and 45 metric tons, will share a modular platform that allows common structures and components. Horsepower has been increased by 10 percent compared to previous models launched in 2013. The machines feature a standard counterweight with higher bucket capacities than the previous models, ranging from .53 to 2.77 cubic yards.


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Which Chevy truck is best for your towing needs? We tested three to find out

Think back to your last truck purchase. What was the deciding factor? Was it the interior? The options on the trim level? The sweet deal you scored?

What about payload and towing capacities? When was the last time you bought a truck based on those numbers, which, along with the explosive improvements in diesel powertrains, have done nothing but grow in the last decade?

In other words, when was the last time you thought about right sizing your pickup? It’s probably something that occurs more to fleet owners, both of the pickup and vocational truck variety.

But with the resurgence of midsize pickups in the last few years, it’s worth the time of all truck buyers to at least broach the subject. And what better way to discuss right-sizing than by hauling heavy equipment around using nearly an entire pickup truck lineup to determine the real world pros and cons of each truck?


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VIDEO: Go for a ride in an autonomous Komatsu haul truck

Recently we were given the rare opportunity to visit Komatsu’s secretive Arizona Proving Grounds. So rare, in fact, that it was the first time the press has been allowed inside Komatsu America’s research and development facility for mining equipment.

While we were there we were given an in-depth look at how the company’s Autonomous Haulage System works. AHS operates and manages fleets of self-driving mining trucks. The system is currently in place at mines in three locations around the globe. Since its inception, the system has moved 2 billion metric tons of material.


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Cat launches 10 new mini excavators in lineup overhaul

Caterpillar introduced a number of micro and mini excavators during this recent GIE+EXPO in Louisville.

The manufacturer says that new models come standard with several new customer-centered features.


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