AED Foundation begins road show featuring workforce initiatives

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Updated Jun 14, 2018
The AED Foundation’s current goal is to certify 300 diesel technicians.The AED Foundation’s current goal is to certify 300 diesel technicians.

The Associated Equipment Distributor’s Foundation is hitting the road, visiting all of its accredited colleges to discuss its new workforce initiatives, network with students and dealer members and distribute rebranded materials.

New AED Foundation logo.New AED Foundation logo.

The foundation works with schools, industry and government to “create a pipeline of qualified diesel technicians,” says Marty McCormack, associate director of development and workforce. The AED Foundation’s three focus areas—accreditation, career promotion and research—are “aimed at cultivating an abundant and stable supply of trained employees for the heavy equipment industry,” says the group. The group recently introduced a new branding campaign and logo.

Under discussion during road show visits will be the foundation’s future endeavors, including:

  • A high school recognition program
  • Accreditation and recognition of five new programs, including two high schools, by the end of 2018.
  • Accrediting 15 new schools by 2020
  • Investing in more than $90,000 for each accredited school.

The road show will also highlight the foundation’s Certified Technician Program, unveiled last year. This program gives dealers the ability to “assess the expertise of their technicians and market that expertise to their customers,” says the foundation.

To be eligible for this certification, applicants must pass a technical assessment that evaluates diesel equipment core technical knowledge. The foundation’s goal is to certify 300 technicians, including all graduating students from foundation-accredited colleges.