Video: Brothers Make Machine Control Work on Precise Cemetery Jobs

Redlands, California-based Buenas Brothers Engineering, owned by Javier, Emilio, Eli and Steven Buenas, is one of 12 finalists for Equipment World’s 2024 Contractor of the Year Award.

In the video above, Javier and Eli Buenas talk about how their father, Emilio, established the foundation for the company’s stellar reputation in installing cemetery crypts and mausoleums.

With Emilio now concentrating on lending his expertise in operating equipment, brothers Javier, Eli and Steven have taken a leadership role in the company. And with the change in generations has come an emphasis on using machine control technology.

Buenas Brothers’ work requires precise layout and installation of side-by-side double-depth concrete lawn crypts, placed less than 2 inches from each other and conforming to undulating grade elevations. Exactness is required to not encroach on future crypt installations, an important revenue source for cemeteries.

“Once you have the model in the equipment, it’s just smooth sailing from there,” Javier says.

“It’s made it so much easier,” adds Eli. “We don’t have to rely on someone as the spot grade-checker or spotter. As an operator, I love it.”

“We’ve been in this work forever, and everyone knows us,” Javier says. “So we’ve been fortunate enough to stay here and just make a name for ourselves in this particular industry.”

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