Video: Texas Contractor Takes Unusual Route to Start Construction Company

Tomball, Texas-based EMi Construction, headed by Jon Rosas, is one of 12 finalists for Equipment World’s 2024 Contractor of the Year Award.

In the video above, Jon talks about his unusual route to construction work, the value of friendship, the origin of his company’s name and how he thinks his crews were essential in helping EMi be where it is today.

“I consider ourselves a player in the industry, and I owe it all to them,” he says.

A friendship that developed during his days in the rental department at a construction dealer was instrumental in Jon starting his own company. When he asked his friend about a job, the friend had other ideas and urged him to get into the construction business.

“Here it is 24 years later, and I’m still doing what he taught me to do,” Jon says with a grin.

“We started out doing what they call patch work, which is basically work that nobody else wanted to do,” he says. “I thought it was an opportunity other guys were missing out on.”

Today, EMi, with annual revenues of $6 million to $8 million, focuses on land clearing, excavation and development work. Based in Tomball, Texas, EMi works throughout the greater Houston area.

Becoming a Contractor of the Year finalist has given Jon the chance to reflect on his career. “Never in a million years did I think that I would be doing what I'm doing,” he says, “even as a toddler pushing around Tonka Toys. After I got into it, I figured out that this was my unforeseen calling.”

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