Video: Why This Contractor Loves Running a 72-Year-Old Family Business

William D’Amico, owner of D’Amico Construction in Plainville, Connecticut, is one of 12 finalists for Equipment World’s 2024 Contractor of the Year Award.

In the video above, William talks about running a family-owned business, advice he got from his father on how to be successful in construction, how he retains longtime employees and why he loves construction work.

D’Amico Construction has been a family-owned paving business since 1952. A second-generation owner, William has worked with the company since he was a child.

His father, company founder Anthony D’Amico Sr., turned over the reins of the business to William and his brother Donald in the early ‘80s. The brothers expanded the company to site preparation work, with William at the helm of the new division. When Donald passed away in 2013, William was left to run the entire operation, which focused mostly on commercial projects.

The paving crew, some of whom have been with the company for 30 years, stepped up their game. The company grew from mostly 40,000-square-foot pavements to up to 200,000-square-foot jobs. His wife, Elizabeth, is the office manager and owns the family’s new milling business.

Their son, Nick, has worked with D’Amico since he was 14 and runs the milling machine and other equipment.

William learned a lot from his father, who started the company from scratch, paving one driveway at a time. He instilled in him the drive to perform quality work.

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