Video: Demolition Robots Help This Contractor Increase Efficiency, Safety and Profits

Concrete Cutting Systems of Philadelphia is one of 12 finalists for Equipment World’s 2021 Contractor of the Year Award.

In this video, owner David Nevrotski discusses how remote-control demolition robots have helped the company, especially on indoor demolition jobs. The robots keep workers out of harm’s way and also reduce the number of workers needed. Along with efficiency and productivity gains, the robots have enabled Concrete Cutting Systems to beat out the competition to land jobs. That includes hospital and school projects where environmental rules are strict.

The robots are all electric, leaving no harmful emissions. Concrete Cutting has also shifted to all electric saws and drills to keep its carbon footprint low.

Another way Concrete Cutting has established a niche for itself as an environmentally safe company is by performing its own slurry cleanup at cutting sites. The company has a fleet of vacuum trucks, and on each job, a worker follows the saw to vacuum up the cutting residue. The company then hauls the slurry off, as well as handles the disposal.

Nevrotski started Concrete Cutting Systems in 1995 in the basement of his home in Philadelphia after working 10 years for a concrete drill and saw company. The company is now one of the largest businesses of its kind on the East Coast and performs saw cutting and drilling for the major utilities in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh areas and.

The Equipment World Contractor of the Year program, now in its 21st year, has been sponsored by Caterpillar since its start. It recognizes contractors who display the highest standards of business acumen, equipment management expertise, attention to safety and community involvement.

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