Video: BOMAG’s Largest Landfill Compactor Absolutely Destroys 2 Cars

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BOMAG rolled out its 125,000-pound BC 1173 RB-5 landfill compactor at its recent Innovation Days event to show off its power by running over and crushing two cars.

(Check out the video above of the crushing – and surprise finale.)

The event was attended by about 240 current and prospective BOMAG dealer representatives and customers between September 12 and 16 at BOMAG North American headquarters in Ridgeway, South Carolina.

Here’s more about the BC 1173 RB-5, which is BOMAG’s largest landfill compactor:

  • Compactor dimensions are 14.4 feet high, and 32 feet long. The blade is 17 feet wide and 7.5 feet high.
  • It runs on a 575.3-horsepower Tier 4 Final engine.
  • The polygonal ring wheels are designed to ensure optimum crushing.
  • It is operated by two joysticks.
  • Load limit control automatically adjusts travel speed to the load.
  • It has a hydrostatic transmission.
  • The articulated joint allows oscillation of plus or minus 15 degrees and 40-degree steering between the front and rear frame. That enables all wheels to maintain contact with the ground for “optimum compaction, safety and traction,” BOMAG says.
  • The dozer blade has a grid attachment for improved visibility. Its two-edged cutting blades can be rotated.
  • The wheels feature weld-on teeth.
  • The cab is noise- and vibration-insulated and has an air-suspension seat and automatic heating and air conditioning.
  • Cruise control can be set in forward and reverse.
  • The compactor has a central lubrication system and reversible cooling fan.
  • The cab is ROPS/FOPS and has all-around safety glass windows.
  • The rear camera system has color display, and mirrors can be adjusted with electronic controls.